Point of Interest Recommender

Presented at IoT4Tourism, Berlin in 2017, this Android App helps tourists plan itinerary based on wait times at attractions. Technology stack comprises of Android, Bluetooth Beacons, AWS API Gateway, Node.js, Fiware Context Broker, Google Maps and HERE API.

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Lost and Found ChatBot

Developed for AWS Chatbot Challenge, lofoBot helps recover lost items while maintaining anonymity between item finders and owners. The chatbot is based on Facebook Messenger Platform and powered by AWS Lex and Rekognition services.

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AWS X-Ray Presentation

Presentation on Troubleshooting Performance Issues with AWS X-Ray at Denver AWS User Group Meetup. Demonstarted X-Ray alerting mechanism with Star Wars Game built using Phaser3 Javascript library.

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AWS Lex Presentation

Presentation on Building a Chatbot with AWS Lex at AWS Greater Denver Meetup. Demonstrated a working chatbot built using ReactJS, Node.js, AWS Lambda and Lex.

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AWS S3 Presentation

Presentation on S3 Multipart Upload at AWS Greater Denver Meetup.

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